Guidance for LifeGroups and other gatherings

We are all eager to be meeting physically again and LifeGroups will be one of the steps in that direction. We need to continue to be mindful of the public health risks associated with Covid19 and remember that one person who is positive for the disease can infect others without knowing it.

When we choose to meet together safely, we are practicing the commandment that Jesus taught us: To love our neighbors. Should you decide to gather, we encourage the following guidelines:

  1. You can continue to utilize technology to meet online if you are not ready to gather together.
  2. Follow the CDC and the LA County Public Health guidelines.
  3. You can choose to have a hybrid option where the person who is not ready to be with you physically can log in.
  4. LifeGroup leaders should make sure to create an environment where people can make their own decisions on how to gather without fear of judgment. By serving one another, LifeGroup leaders will communicate love for every member of the body.
  5. When meeting together, the host needs to ensure that the gathering space is sanitized before each gathering per public safety guidelines.
  6. When possible, encourage spaces that maintain six-foot distance social distancing.
  7. If sharing a meal together, you can encourage people to bring their own individually wrapped food.
  8. Public health guidelines recommend face coverings.
  9. Limit your numbers to allow social distancing.
  10. Individuals who are ill or are Covid-19 positive must isolate, and any person who was exposed to them must quarantine for 14 days. Should someone be ill, encourage them to contact the LifeGroup leader.
  11. If there are groups with individuals who are unable to social distance (for example, groups with children), consider meeting online.
  12. With the warmer weather, consider meeting outside: Backyard BBQ, park, or the beach – places where it’s easier to practice social distancing.

Remember, we ARE the Church – we don’t go to church. LifeGroups are a great opportunity for small groups of people to be the church. Encourage opportunities to reach out to neighbors, pray for others, and invite people to encounter Jesus. Be the Church!